Dogecoin Mining Tutorial January 2021🚀 – Fast and Easy!


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  1. Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Even though the miner says you may be mining ETH you will be rewarded with Dogecoin
    2. It is not a virus this is a common problem with mining softwere becuase you are using a .bat
    3. I will make a followup video later on today about dogecoin / how to sell / future outlook

    Any more questions please reply to this comment #DogeGang

  2. @megagamez after running the bat file if gives fatal error for every job saying:
    CUDA error in : out of memory (2)
    GPU1: CUDA Memory: 2.00GB total, 1.65GB free;
    GPU1 initMiner error: out of memory
    Fatal error detected. Restarting.

    Can you help me resolving this error?

  3. Hello Mate, could tell me the best mining for Doge coins 2021, I'm from UK, but Im living in Brazil, I would like to purchase the best CPU mining money could buy, any suggestions I would appreciate, you could even send me the link from Amazon or ebay so you could get commissions for your help, Douglas

  4. The Quickest Way to Start Mining DOGECOIN

    Here’s the fastest (and easiest) way I’ve found to start mining Dogecoin:

    Step 1. Download the “Unmineable” miner. It’s free to get and doesn’t require any changes to files nor do you have to join any pools before using. Just Google “unmineable miner” and be sure to download the software from the official website.

    Step 2. Choose the “unpacked version” if possible. This version allows you to choose from more coins if you decide later to mine something other than Dogecoin.

    Step 3. Extract the software using Winrar, 7zip, or Windows built into extraction tool.

    Step 4. Run the software. If you have issues running because it’s getting flagged by anti virus, or firewall, it’s okay. This happens with almost every single mining program.

    What I had to do was: “Add an exception for the firewall” for the program and “turn off real time reporting” while it ran. Now, you can always turn these back on, but to get it going, you may have to do it initially. (There are videos on how to do these things.) if you have windows, most likely it’s thru Windows Defender.

    Step 5. Once it’s running, the software will ask you if you want to use CPU or GPU.

    If you have an older computer or GPU (3GB capacity), choose CPU. If you have a more current GPU, then use GPU. If you don’t know, try GPU first, and if the hash number never changes after a few minutes of running, you should probably use CPU.

    (You can also Google your GPU/graphics card mode to see.

    Step 6. Choose your coin. Obviously, you’d choose Dogecoin here, but there are plenty of coins to choose. You can change the coin later if you want.

    Step 7. Input your wallet. There are so many wallets out there, so I won’t go into depth if you don’t have one. Just Google “setup Dogecoin wallet” and pick one or use one that a lot of other people suggest. In that wallet, there’s usually a “receive” or “deposit” button which gives you a random address for your wallet to accept Dogecoin. This is what you’ll copy and paste into the miner.

    Step 8. Referral code. This is optional, but I’d really appreciate it if you used the code “vjoi-tnwb” (no quotations). This does two things: 1) It takes off part of the mining pool fee Unmineable charges for giving the software away for free, and 2) it helps me mine Dogecoin a little faster so I can ride the rocket 🚀 to the moon 🌙 with you (and for providing this tutorial).

    Step 9. Start mining and profit.

    Once it connects to the pool, you’ll be mining Dogecoin!

    Hope that helps!

    Again, my Referral code for Dogecoin is:



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