In this video I look at another dip in the crypto markets along with the Coinbase news and Elon Musk tweets. Please leave a comment about your thoughts on …



  1. What’s happening between Bitcoin and Dogecoin?


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  2. The Linkin Park thing was pretty fun, no matter what his hidden message was.

    And you do know that your trend curves, lines and triangles don't mean anything, right? Traders trying to find patterns when there are none.

  3. Elon likes to flip flop in the crypto world. At times it'll really seem like he wants to implement Doge into his business.. and then with the flip of a coin, hes pumping Cum Coin to the moon.

  4. I think Bitcoin going down when Elon makes a tweet shows everybody how manipulated the markets are… and maybe Bitcoin is not the best crypto out there

  5. I really wish someone could pass on this question to Michael Saylor or any big proponent of bitcoin because I'd love to hear their response. Why should bitcoin ever hit 200k or higher when there are other cryptos out there that make more money? Why should anyone keep paying more or buying in higher than the next person when there are numerous other coins that you can see based on their gain percentages are outpacing bitcoin and some by a pretty high factor? This is the greater fool theory, that it takes a greater fool than you and the next person to keep buying in higher and eventually…you run out of fools. That was what happened in April. BTC hit 64k and they ran out of fools. Now I'm picking on bitcoin but this applies to any crypto too of course. Would love to hear his or any other bitcoin bulls response. I've yet to hear a good response and I've asked this question in multiple channels. I used to buy into the bitcoin dream, that one day bitcoin will be 1 million. Yeah. If that's all it took. Think about it. It CAN'T be that easy. Because it isn't. If something sounds too good to be true it usually is. The rarity of the coins in bitcoin is pointless when you have plenty of other coins in other crypto currencies. Don't worry, there are plenty of coins to go around. After all, this is all digital so it's all easily copied. The only way the bitcoin dream works, is if there are no other crypto currencies. The only thing I know is that you can make money in crypto if you buy and sell. You can also lose money too. But the only money to make is off the next fool so there are going to be winners and losers here, doge is no exception. Probably more losers than winners. It's all gambling it's all a hustle. Very important to have an exit strategy. I think this crypto craze is looking more and more like a bubble or fad. It will fade eventually.

  6. I'll say this before and I'll say this again doge coin has no chance to survive if it does not obtain intrinsic value as well as tangable value and become a good store of value it won't survive at low dollar amounts with a high market cap.

  7. Doge Community Let's get Doge to over $1. That means holding, no scalping no shorting. Being patient. We have Elon behind us no other crypto has the biggest influencer in crypto behind it. The marketing the world is talking about Doge. We need to stand United to push to NO 1. It will happen trust in Elon & Doge and Doge Army. We will beat the whales trying to destroy Dogecoin . We are Doge millionaires in the waiting. Love 💖 to all

  8. Bitcoin is losing its dominance but it isn't because of Elon. He has stirred up an already lit fire is how I would describe it. It would happen anyway. The reason is you can make more money in other coins. Also, when the price keeps going up like it did with bitcoin back in April, it gets too high and you run out of suckers to keep paying more. And that's what all of this is of course, it's the bigger fool theory. They're not wrong in calling it that. But it's also a catch 22 because if bitcoin goes down it drags everything down. And Doge, it's doing ok right now because it has a big camp but at some point you have to step back and see the big picture. There are BILLIONS of coins in doge and growing every day. It doesn't have a long term use and I see doge losing its crowd over time because you either have to keep buying more coins to keep the supply low or you need more fools to buy in higher which of course you will run out.

    You're better off in coins that have a smaller cap like BTC, litecoin, or better use like ETH. Doge, Shiba the ones that make money are the ones that get into it early and cash out. Shiba has QUADRILLIONS OF COINS. Now obviously that is a scam but people buy into it and lose their money. The battle between BTC and doge. Right now, bitcoin will win. It's so much bigger and as you can see if bitcoin goes down, doge goes down. Not the other way around. Still, bitcoin is losing its grip as the Apex crypto. I see ETH surpassing BTC in the next couple years to become the largest crypto by market cap. The 2.0 upgrade which burns ETH reducing supply will make ETH very profitable. Also, litecoin is looking good with only 84m coins and is 4 times faster than BTC, again BTC is obsolete, it's mainly hanging around because of the whales that go in early and some big investors. Will Doge surpass BTC? No, I don't see that ever happening. I see doge hitting 100 billion maybe but I also see it crashing back down again and again, people that didn't learn their lesson the first time will leave for good.

    The best coins will have the following: currency, store of value, company or contracts. This is where doge only meets one or two. And a store of value it may not have if the crowd gets smaller. We can see there were a pretty good group that left doge for shiba. (and they got the rug pull there). I do NOT see doge going to 5.00 plus. At this point I can't see it hitting a 1.00 any more. The problem is there are too many short sellers and that Barry Silver and Co. will not let it hit a 1.00. They have enough $ to keep shorting it over and over and over. They will take your money and buy more doge and then sell it bringing the price down. It's not going to end well with doge so I got out mostly. Lost enough money with doge. Sticking with better use coins like ETH. Elon Musk is only going to disappoint you. He has made his money, he doesn't care if you make money or not or if you lose your shirt. I hope he goes to Mars and stays there.

  9. Causing a sell-off of bitcoin does not really help Dogecoin. Bitcoin dominance is dropping by itself and doesn’t need help from Elon, but bitcoin still holds sway over the rest of the alt-coins.

  10. Elon should Spain, Tunisia, Fiji, Ukraine…. he'll end up in jail for market manipulation before too long, Aspergers isn't a defense to becoming the new McAfee! … although it's just a general Friday sell-off market… I doubt he could tank bitcoin this hard even if he used his personal wealth.

  11. With regards to Elons "breaking up" tweet it occurred to me that he could be referring to fiat currency as opposed to Bitcoin. Just a thought. Thanks for all your great content and calm narrative.


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