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Ripple/XRP-Goldman Sachs,Christine Lagarde,Russian Ruble,UK CBDC,XRP Price Targets Still In Tact?!

BEWARE of Scammers:I will never ask you for money on Whatsapp or any other platform.DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING,COMMENTS or EMAIL that claim to be ... source



Tesla eyes over $1 billion of Australian minerals a twelve months

“Australia has the minerals to power the renewable energy age throughout the world in the coming years,” Denholm, an Australian, said in a speech during a Minerals Council of Australia event. “We expect our spend on Australian minerals to increase to more than $1 billion per annum for the next few years,” she said. Denholm’s…

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Indicates Cryptocurrency FINCEN regulation coming very soon – Feb 12 2020

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Dogecoin to $1?? | TIME TO BUY!!! [Follow Up Video]

A week ago, we gave public analysis as to where we thought #DOGE was headed to in the near future and how we planned on...

Bill Gates troubles massive warning over Elon Musk – and urges anyone to ‘watch out’

Invoice Gates has issued a stark warning to admirers of Elon Musk about the risks posed by investing in cryptocurrencies. In an interview, the 66-year-aged...


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The USA Just Proposed Scary Cryptocurrency Regulation for 2021 | Bitcoin Holders BE READY for FinCEN

Is cryptocurrency legal in the US? FinCEN just proposed KYC regulation for withdrawing cryptocurrency to private wallets in 2021. Bitcoin and altcoin holders: ... source

Earnings Update With Two MXC M2 Pro Miners! | Crypto Gossip

An earnings update on my two MXC M2 Pro miners, showing that you can earn the same $10-14 a day with two miners placed in...

Billionaire Warren Buffett Warns of Massive Inflation: Buy Gold, Silver & Mining Stocks

** Enter the Gold contest by emailing me at: [email protected] In this video, we talk about Warren Buffett issuing his warning about massive ... source
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